Flsun V400 3D Printer
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Flsun V400 3D Printer comes with pre installed full klipper firmware
Flsun V400 3D Printer comes with high speed printing with good print quality
Flsun V400 3D Printercomes with direct drive extruder and fast cooling fan
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Flsun V400 3D Printer comes with amazing spped
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Flsun V400 3D Printer

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The Flsun V400 3D Printer offers a large build volume of 400 x 400 x 500mm, making it suitable for complex designs. It features automatic bed leveling and a user-friendly touch screen interface. With a sturdy aluminum frame and high-quality hotend, it delivers precise and accurate prints. An affordable option for hobbyists and professionals alike to enhance their 3D Printing capabilities.

Features of Flsun V400 3D Printer:

  • Amazing Build Volume: The V400 offers an impressive print size of 300 x 410 mm, allowing for high-quality prints of large models.
  • Ultra-fast Printing: With speeds of up to 400 mm/s, the V400 can save up to 70% of print time, making it highly efficient.
  • Pre-installed Klipper Firmware: Enjoy a top-notch printing experience and seamless usability, even over WiFi, with the pre-installed Klipper firmware.
  • User-friendly Display: The 7-inch LCD touchscreen makes operation easy and convenient, powered by KlipperScreen.
  • Compact Direct Drive Extruder: The V400 features a unique integrated hotend and extruder, resulting in a lightweight and fast direct-drive setup.
  • High Printing Temperatures: Print at temperatures up to 300 °C with the bi-metallic heat break, expanding the range of compatible filaments.
  • Dual Linear Rails for Quality: The V400 utilizes high-quality grooved linear guides for superior printing stability and precise results.
  • PEI Spring Steel Platform: The bonding is firm and models are easy to remove, ensuring a reliable printing platform.

Technical Specifications Of Flsun V400 3D Printer:

  • Item no. : FLS-V400
  • Manufacturer No. : V400
  • Product types : 3D Printers
  • Assembly : Assembly kit
  • Printing Technology : FFM/FDM/LPD
  • Printer Display : Touch Display
  • Supported operating systems : Windows (7+), Mac OS X (10.7+)
  • Extruder type : Direct Drive Extruder
  • Number of extruders : Single
  • Interfaces : SD card, WIFI - WLAN
  • Supported Formats (Slicer) : STL, OBJ, AMF
  • Filament Diameter : 1,75 mm
  • Building platform : Ø 300 x 410 mm