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FABX on Rent
FABX on Rent
FABX on Rent

FABX on Rent

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Rs. 15,999.00
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Rs. 15,999.00
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The FabX 3D Printers are available for rent on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

All logistics will be borne by 3Ding. The item will be shipped via FedEx (1-3 days.). A shipping surcharge might be applicable for Tier 2 & 3 cities or for one-day rentals, depending on the location. Return instructions will be sent via email.

Steps to Rent a 3D Printer

  1. Choose your desired variant, rental period & add to cart.
  2. Add Refundable Deposit & if required, Filaments to cart.
  3. Enter your billing/shipping details, pay & complete your order.
  4. A representative will contact you to verify your details before shipping the product.
  5. Once the product is delivered, the rental period starts.
    1. If you're a first time user, please refer to our Getting Started Page: 3Ding.in/start.
    2. Basic support can be availed by writing to support@3Ding.in.
    3. The product's original packaging has to be retained for return pickup.

Extension or Return Pickup

  1. We'll contact you 1-2 days before your rental period expires.
  2. Should you choose to extend, come back to this page, choose the tenure & pay for the same.
  3. Should you choose to return, pack it in its original packaging. We'll raise a pickup.
  4. Once we receive the item, we'll check the product for defects or damages; if everything is clear, the rental deposit will be refunded in 1-2 business days.


  • Consumables (Filaments) are to be purchased separately.
  • We recommend procuring premium quality filaments from 3Ding. 
  • We do not prevent you to use 3rd party filaments, but in case of damages due to the same, an appropriate cost would be charged.

Rental-Purchase/ Rent-to-Own

In case you decide to own the 3D Printer, Rental Purchase discounts are applicable for machines rented for over at least 1 month. Contact us to know more.

Possible use cases on why you should rent a 3D Printer

  • Events / Expos requiring multiple 3D Printers for 1-2 days' usage.
  • Individuals trying to start a 3D Printing business can rent machines temporarily based on orders in hand, asses the earning potential & later decide to procure machines as per requirement. [Commercially, if run at full capacity, a machine can earn revenues of 2K-3K per day.]
  • College/University students who are experimenting with designs for their final year projects requiring 3D Printer for a specific period of time and do not want to own a 3D Printer. 1-2 months' rent could be split by multiple groups of students making it very affordable.
  • Designers/Hobbyists wanting to prototype a one-off project to improve it very rapidly with minor changes every prototype, for whom service bureaus are slower and owning a 3D Printer might not be a worthy long-term investment.
  • Startups who have perfected a design but need 100s of units over a short period of time, to rapidly, produce & test their product (before mass manufacturing), can rent multiple 3D Printers for a short period, for low quantity batch productions.
  • Seasonal businesses like training centres or gifting services needing extra machines for the holiday seasons.


  • A copy of the AADHAAR would be required for KYC purposes.
  • If an extension in rental duration is required, the same needs to be conveyed 24 hours prior. Actual rents are applicable.
  • Delay in return of the machine would be penalized at Rs. 1000/- per day.
  • Physical Damages & Machine abuse would be penalized.