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FilamentX Glow in Dark
FilamentX Glow in Dark

FilamentX Glow in Dark

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PLA Characteristics: 

  • The finest blend of "NatureWorks" & "Total" Polylactic granules - Premium Quality filaments.
  • Printing Temperature: 190-220 °C.
  • Heated Bed Temperature: ~60 °C or Turned off.
  • Strong & Stiff PLA.
  • Adheres well to build surfaces.
  • Made from Extremely Smooth Corn Starch that doesn't block nozzles.
  • Low Shrinkage & hence High Thermoforming Dimensional Stability.
  • High Precision: Diameter: +/- 0.01 mm, Roundness:  +/- 0.01 mm.
  • Ships in a vacuum-sealed package with desiccants.

The weight is net. i.e. '1 Kg' represents 1 Kg of usable consumable excluding spool & packaging.

Bulk Discounts:

For orders above & in multiples of 12 Kg (1 Carton), Bulk discounts apply. Kindly contact us via the form on the bottom right.

View: PLA Filament Data Sheet