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FabX Pro
FabX Pro
FabX Pro
FabX Pro
FabX Pro
A Shoe Model 3D Printed on the FABX Pro
GE Jet Engine Model 3D Printed on the FABX Pro
Raspberry Pi Case 3D printed on the FABX Pro
Bone Structure 3D Printed on the FABX Pro
Paytm QR Code 3D Printed on the FABX Pro
Merry Christmas Tree 3D Printed on the FABX Pro
Moai Statue 3D Printed at 50 micron layer resolution
FabX Pro

FabX Pro

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Rs. 69,999.00
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Orders will be shipped out post lockdown in Chennai. Use coupon code "LOCKDOWN" for a special discount.

  • #1 Best Selling 3D Printer for Commercial Usage.
  • As of Dec 2020, 15,000+ Makers & Businesses around the world use a FabX.
  • Reliable for High Performance - The FABX Pro has been used in Space Grade ApplicationsThe World's lightest Satellite to be launched by NASA in Jul 2021 was 3D Printed on a FabX Pro. 2019 & 2018 equivalents were also 3D Printed on a FabX Pro.

  • Cloud3r is an optional add-on powered by AstroPrint & Enables WiFi, Cloud Connectivity, Mobile App control & a full-colour touch screen UI.
  • 170*170*170 cu mm, Direct Drive Extrusion, MagFlex 2.0, Optional Cloud Connectivity.
  • The only budget 3D Printer with Vast Material Compatibility:
    PLA, HIPS, ABS, ASA, PET G, Silk, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, Color Changing Filament, Marble Fill, Wood Fill Composite, Metal Fill Composites (Brass, Bronze, Aluminium, Gold, Copper), Flexible - [(TPE, TPU) - only on 2020 Variants] & all filaments up to 300 °C. Click here to explore Filaments.
  • Designed & Manufactured in India.
  • 12 Months Warranty & After Sales Support.

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