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FabX ME (Maker's Edition)
FabX ME (Maker's Edition)

FabX ME (Maker's Edition)

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FabX Maker's Edition is a remix of India's #1 Best Selling 3D Printers FabX and the popular open-sourced Prusa i3, enabling Makers to take advantage of FabX's affordable engineering advancements & Prusa's open-sourced modifications & upgrades.

The FabX ME is in the pre-order stage & has a lead time of approx ~6 weeks.

  • Open frame design - tons of crowdsourced modifications available.
  • Files importable from all 3D CAD software - Solidworks, Fusion 360, Blender, Z Brush, TinkerCAD, SketchUp, OpenSCAD etc
  • Compatible with all slicing software
     - Free/Open Source: Cura, Slic3r, Prusa Slicer etc
     - Premium: Simplify3D
  • Industry 4.0 ready with Cloud3r add-on. Also Compatible with 3rd Party platforms like Octoprint, Astroprint, 3D Printer OS etc.
  • Compatible & Future-proofed for a wide variety of materials - PLA, PLA+,PETG, all PLA Composites(Marble, Wood, Silk, Gold, Aluminium, upto 260 degrees C)
     - when upgraded to direct drive, enables softer materials like TPE, TPU, PVA
     - when upgraded to all-metal hotend, enables high-temperature materials upto 300 degrees.

  • Upgraded with the FabX's Active Triple Cooling system.
  • Original Lite6 hotend from E3D.
  • Heated bed for better bed adhesion.
  • MagFlex for easy part removal.
  • Remixed Design is modified to use affordable spare parts easily available in India.
  • Runs Marlin 2.0 out of the box; Expect regular Firmware updates as & then newer Marlin versions are tested.

  • Ships 90% Assembled - you'll be required to mount the Z-axis plate onto the base with a few screws.
  • Complimentary 1kg PLA filament.
  • 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects.