Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer
Features Of Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer
Build Volume Of Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer
Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer speed up your printing with klipper
Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer Performs rapid and precise extrusion
Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer Efficient cooling system

Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer With Build Volume Of 420x420x480 mm³

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The Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer allows you to experience 3D printing like never before. This printer is designed for large projects, with a print volume of 420x420x480mm³ and a printing speed of 500 mm/s. It has an efficient 11x11 auto-leveling system for precise prints, and its high-temperature nozzle can reach up to 300°C, making it compatible with PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, and Nylon filaments. WiFi, WLAN, and USB transfer options keep you connected. With the Neptune 4 Max, you can up your 3D printing game.

Featurs Of Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer:

  • Max Printing Speed (500 mm/s): Rapid 3D printing at up to 500 mm/s for speedy project completion.
  • Accelerations (Up to 8000 mm/s²): High accelerations (up to 8000 mm/s²) ensure smooth and precise prints.
  • Massive Build Volume: Spacious build volume accommodates large and complex projects.
  • Dual Gear Direct Extruder: Precision filament control prevents issues and enhances reliability.
  • High-temperature Nozzle Kit (Up to 300℃): Versatile printing with a high-temp nozzle kit for various materials.
  • Auto Bed Leveling & Auxiliary Leveling: Simplified setup and precise first-layer adhesion.
  • Effective Cooling Performance: Consistent print quality with efficient cooling.
  • Versatile Connectivity and Control: Multiple connectivity options for convenient operation and monitoring.

Technical Specifications Of Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer:

  • Product Model : Neptune 4 Max
  • Build Volume : 420x420x480mm³
  • Firmware : Klipper
  • Printing Speed : Up to 500mm/s
  • Auto Bed Lveling + Auxiliary Leveling : 121 Point
  • Extruder Type : Dual-gear direct extruder
  • Hotbed : 320W, 85℃
  • PEI Magnetic Platform : Yes
  • Nozzle : 300℃ High Temperature Nozzle
  • Throat Pipe : All titanium alloy
  • Led Light Bar : With 30 beads
  • Nozzle LED Light : Yes
  • Cooling Fan : 2x4015 ball bearing model cooling fans, 3010 ball bearing blower fan, 2x6025 ball bearing blower fans.
  • Others : POM V-guide wheels Y-axis with two rows of 3+3V Wheels double Y-axis profile
  • Compatible Filaments : PLA/PETG/ABS/TPU/Nylon Filaments
  • Connectivity :WIFI/WLAN/USB