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Creality CR-10 Smart Pro 3D Printer
Creality CR-10 Smart Pro 3D Printer works with remote control
Dual mode leveling of Creality CR-10 Smart Pro 3D Printer
Creality CR-10 Smart Pro 3D Printer comes with dual gear direct extruder
Temperatures of Creality CR-10 Smart Pro 3D Printer
Creality CR-10 Smart Pro 3D Printer
Creality CR-10 Smart Pro 3D Printer
Platform of Creality CR-10 Smart Pro 3D Printer

Creality CR-10 Smart Pro 3D Printer

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Looking to take your 3D printing experience to the next level? Look no further than the Creality CR-10 Smart Pro 3D Printer! Equipped with cutting-edge features like automatic bed leveling, filament runout detection, and Wi-Fi connectivity, this printer offers convenience and versatility for both beginners and experts in the field. With its competitive price point, the CR-10 Smart Pro delivers incredible value for those looking to explore the world of 3D printing. Additionally, the printer comes with LED lighting on the Z-axis, providing clear visibility of your prints day or night. The filament sensor and power recovery functions ensure uninterrupted printing by pausing and resuming the print in case of filament breakage or power outage. And to promote energy efficiency, the printer features an auto-shutdown feature that turns off the printer after completing a print. Upgrade your 3D printing capabilities with the Creality CR-10 Smart Pro and unleash your creativity today.

Features Of Creality CR-10 Smart Pro 3D Printer:

  • All-metal Direct Drive Extruder: The Sprite direct drive extruder and modular design ensure precise filament feeding and improved performance with specialty filaments.
  • PEI Magnetic Plate: The strong and deform-resistant magnetic spring steel plate with adhesive PEI provides quick and easy model removal.
  • Creality Cloud App and Remote Control: Control and monitor printing remotely using the Creality Cloud app, with access to 3D models, cloud slicing, and live control features.
  • AI HD Camera: Real-time HD camera allows for monitoring and recording of 3D prints.
  • Large Build Volume and Modular Chassis: The sturdy seven-module architecture and triangular tower design ensure stability and precision in printing.
  • Dual-mode Levelling: Smart + manual levelling options for hassle-free printing experience.
  • Eco-friendly Fill-in Light: Balanced lighting for printing and energy-saving capabilities.
  • Simple User Interface and Responsive Touch Controls: 4.3-inch HD touch screen with an intuitive interface and OTA upgrade support.

Technical Specificaions Of CR-10 Smart Pro 3D Printer:

  • Brand : Creality
  • Build Volume : 300*300*400 mm³
  • Extruder Type : Direct
  • No of Extruders : 1
  • Maximum Extruder Temperature : 300 °C
  • Maximum Bed Temperature :100 °C
  • Bed Type : PEI-coated Metal Steet
  • Material Compatability : PLA, ABS, PETG, PA, TPU, Wood PLA, Carbon Fiber
  • Layer Height : 0.1 - 0.4 mm
  • Type : Semi Assembled Kit
  • Machine size : 578*522*648 mm
  • Machine Weight : 13.6 kg
  • Control : 4.3" LCD Touch Screen
  • Connectivity : SD Card, WiFi