Bambulab A1 Mini 3D Printer
Features Of Bambulab A1 Mini 3D Printer
Bambulab A1 Mini 3D Printer comes with Auto Filament Loading
Bambulab A1 Mini supported materials
Bambulab A1 Mini 3D Printer comes with aitpflow dynamics
Bambulab A1 Mini 3D Printer Auto bed leveling
Auto Z-offset of Bambulab A1 Mini
Auto Vibration Calibration of Bambulab A1 Mini

Bambulab A1 Mini

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For beginners, 3D Printing is made simpler and more efficient with the Bambu Lab A1 mini 3D Printer. With AMS Lite and full-auto calibration, it offers fully automated multicolor printing. The efficient performance of the bed-slinger is guaranteed by its CoreXY speed-driven design. In addition, its quiet operation in Silent Mode (less than 48 dB) makes it appropriate for a range of environments. From the first use to the end of its useful life, full-metal linear rails, bearings, and a rigid frame show off the printer's long-lasting quality and ensure dependable performance.

Main Features Of Bambulab A1 Mini 3D Printer:

  • Auto Bed-Level: Bid farewell to manual calibration and adjustments, saving valuable time.
  • Auto Z-Offset: The outdated "Paper Method" is now obsolete.
  • Auto Vibration Calibration: Prior to each print, both X and Y resonance are auto-tuned for optimal performance.
  • Auto Flow Dynamics: PA (Pressure Advanced) calibration is entirely automated for seamless operation.
  • Auto Belt Tension: Belts are monitored and adjusted automatically for consistent tension.
  • Auto Filament Loading: Effortlessly load/unload filament with a single touch.

Key Features Of Bambulab A1 Mini 3D Printer:

  • Multi-Color Printing Simplified:The AMS lite enables hassle-free multi-color 3D printing, making it accessible to all users.
  • Real-Time Flow Rate Precision:The A1 mini introduces breakthrough flow regulation, using advanced sensors and algorithms to ensure precise extrusion.
  • Intuitive Smartphone-like UI:Featuring a user-friendly touchscreen interface, the A1 mini guides users seamlessly through the printing process without the need for extensive expertise.
  • Ready-to-Print Convenience:The A1 mini arrives fully assembled, aligned, and tuned, requiring only a quick 20-minute setup for your first print.
  • Dynamic Motor Noise Reduction:Customizable parameters address and reduce undesired motor noise, enhancing the overall printing experience.
  • CoreXY Speed and Precision Design:Incorporating premium components, the A1 mini achieves high-quality prints, including a Benchy model in just 14 minutes, meeting Benchy speed rules out of the box.
  • Sync with Bambu Studio and Bambu Handy:Remotely manage and monitor the printer using Bambu Studio or Bambu Handy, with a built-in camera for time-lapse recording.
  • Effortless Printing Experience:Bambu Lab printers provide a hassle-free experience, celebrated by a satisfied user community.
  • MakerWorld - One-Click Printing:Introducing MakerWorld, enabling one-click printing through the Bambu Handy App, alongside control through Bambu Studio.
  • Quick Swap Nozzles for Maintenance:An innovative hotend design allows rapid nozzle replacement with a simple one-clip mechanism.
  • User-Friendly Offline Mode:LAN mode enables remote control and job sending without relying on cloud-based communication, ensuring privacy.
  • Camera Lens Cover for Privacy:A straightforward mechanism physically obstructs the camera, providing privacy without the need for stickers.
  • Dependable All-Metal Frame:Premium components, including all-metal rails and a safeguarded drive system, ensure unmatched reliability and longevity.
  • Musical Touch:The A1 mini creates electronic music without speakers, utilizing three motors for specific vibration frequencies, adding a unique musical touch to your printing experience.

Technical Specifications:

  • Build Volume(WDH): 180x180x180 mm³
  • Hot End : All-Metal
  • Nozzle : Stainless Steel
  • Max Hot End Temperature : 88.2L/23.2gal.
  • Hotbed Temperature: 300 °C
  • Nozzle Diameter : 0.4 mm (Included)
  • 0.2 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm
  • Max Acceleration of Tool Head : 10m/s²
  • Build Plate : Bambu Textured PEI Plate (Included) Bambu Smooth PEI Plate
  • Max Build Plate Temperature : 80°C
  • Max Speed of Tool Head : 500mm/s
  • Supported Filament : PLA, PETG, TPU, PVA (Ideal)/ (ABS, ASA, PC, PA, PET, Carbon/Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer(Not Recommended))
  • Monitoring Camera : Low Framerate Camera (Up to 1080P) Timelapse Supported
  • Filament Run Out Sensor : Yes
  • Power Loss Recover : Yes
  • Filament Odometry : Yes
  • Filament Tangle Sensor : Yes
  • A1 Mini Physical Dimensions : Package size 385*430*460 mm³, Net weight 5.5 kg, Gross weight 8.2 kg.
  • A1 mini Combo Physical Dimensions : Package size 385*430*495 mm³, Gross weight (AMS lite included) 10.2 kg.