REDD Premium Filaments for 3D Printing

Why Choose REDD Filaments?

With over 20 tonnes of filaments shipped, REDD Premium filaments command a major market share in India. REDD Premium Filaments undergo a unique degassing process eliminating 100% of the air content in them while manufacturing, enabling a uniform viscous flow while 3D printing. If you got your 3D Printer settings right, you could see amazing print quality even at low-quality layer resolutions like 300 microns, thus making your prints faster.

(If you've heard cheaper filaments giving out popping sounds when printing, it's because they aren't degassed, resulting in an un-uniform extrusion.)


  1. Are your filaments marked 1Kg actually 850 grams + packaging?
    No. Unlike Chinese brands marketing 850 grams as 1Kg gross, REDD Premium filaments are 1Kg net + spool weight & packaging.
  2. Filaments on Amazon are cheaper than yours.
    Cheap 850 Gram filaments are sold for cheaper costs. Apart from those, REDD Premium filaments are priced to be one of the most affordable filaments in the market. If you do the math, you'll realize that the difference is marginal. So why settle for lower quality?
  3. Do we get bulk discounts?
    Yes, above 8Kg. Discount coupons are mentioned on the offers page.