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Marble Filament [1.75 MM]

Marble Filament [1.75 MM]

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    Marble Filament Characteristics:

    • Printing Temperature: 190 - 230°C
    • Heated Bed Temperature: 40 - 50°C or turned off
    • Has marble like texture and provides marble like surface finish for prints. 
    • High Precision: Diameter: +/- 0.03 mm, Roundness: +/- 0.02 mm.
    • Ships in a vacuum-sealed package with desiccants.

    The weight is net. i.e. '1 Kg' represents 1 Kg of usable consumable excluding spool & packaging.

    Bulk Discounts:

    To optimize packing & shipping for bulk orders, kindly place orders in multiples of 8 Kg, i.e. 1 Carton. Bulk discount is based on the total quantity of filaments in the order. E.g You can choose 4 PLA, 2 ABS & 2 PET G (8 Kg) & need not be all of the same variety.

    • 1-2 Cartons (8-16 Kg) - 10% Off; Use Discount Code: "FilamentsBandA"
    • 3-5 Cartons (24-40 Kg) - 15% Off; Use Discount Code: "FilamentsBandB"
    • 6-10 Cartons (40-96 Kg) - 20% Off; Use Discount Code: "FilamentsBandC"
    • 10+ Cartons (100+ Kg) - 25% Off.

    Bulk orders above 100 Kg are subject to availability. Kindly contact us via the "Ask Us" box on the bottom right corner of this page.

    Orders will be sent via Surface mode only.

    View: Marble Filament Data Sheet