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3D Printed Samples

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Try these samples before actually investing into a 3D Printer. Categorized based on frequently requested queries. These are 3D Printed on demand, on the choice of your 3D Printer and would require a 1-day lead time to ship out.

[If you are in one of the cities where we have a direct office, you're welcome to drop by and check out the various 3D Printed samples free of cost. A nominal price is being charged for the samples towards operational expenses (3D Printing & freight), which could be reversed** on the successful purchase of a 3D Printer.]

  1. Material Samples - Industrial - Rs. 499/-
    This package contains 5 samples, one each printed in industrial grade materials like HIPS, ABS, PET G, Nylon & Carbon Fiber. Try this package if you are looking into materials for Industrial Prototyping.
    Colours would vary depending on availability.

  2. Material Samples - Domestic/Service Provider - Rs. 499/-
    This package contains 5 samples, one each printed in domestic grade materials like PLA, Wood Fill Composite, Metal Fill composite, Marble Fill Composite, Color changing filament or Glow-in-the-dark filament. Try this package if you are into materials for the educational industry, consumer-oriented business, gifting or retail 3D Printing services.
    Materials & Colours would vary depending on availability. 

  3. Layer Height Quality Check Samples - Rs. 499/-
    A simple design file with different slopes 3D Printed with different layer heights:
    0.05 mm (best), 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm(fastest).
    Try this package if you are very keen about surface finish.

  4. Mechanical Samples - Moving parts - Rs. 499/-
    This package consists of 3 mechanical systems.
    1. A planetary gear system and a hex key to activate the same.
    2. A nut & bolt system.
    .. all these 3D Printed with HIPS. Choose this package if you are into robotics, mechanical prototypes & similar industries, to understand tolerance & motion systems.

  5. Dentures - Rs. 499/-

  6. Prosthetic Samples - E-nable - Rs. 999/-

  7. Architecture Sample - Rs. 999/-

  8. Footwear Sample - Rs. 999/-


  • In case you are satisfied with the samples & are willing to procure a 3D Printer, the amount you paid for samples would be matched as a discount against a successful purchase, making the samples absolutely FREE. Please note that this discount is applicable for up to 1 sample package only, up to 30 days from the procurement of samples & cannot be clubbed with any other offers or discounts during your procurement.
  • Most Samples would be printed with layer heights of 200-300 microns (Decent Print Quality) considering print time. The 3D Printers, however, can practically achieve up to 50-micron layer heights.
  • If you're looking to 3D Print your own design rather than one of the above, before procuring a 3D printer, kindly use our 3D Printing Services. A commercial charge would be applicable towards the same.